Cassville, MO
Burnin R Farms
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Burnin R Farms is a small family farm
located in the beautiful Ozarks of Southern
Missouri.  It all started with our love of
horses. We have enjoyed showing horses for
years. We have shown western pleasure
and the girls have also excelled in barrel
racing. Horses have been a great
investment, teaching our daughters
responsibility and giving them confidence for

We have 2 registered Paint horses, 2
registered Quarter Horses, and one bottle
fed little filly. Over the last couple of years
we have added bottle calves, giving us a
whopping herd of 4. We also have 4 very
spoiled dogs and several jealous cats.

Our animals are very much a part of our
family, it is simply just who we are.
In researching ways to make better use of
our land and diversifying our farm, we looked
into pasture raising pigs. I researched
standard breeds that are raised in
confinements, until we started to read about
heritage pig breeds. I wanted a breed that
would thrive well in our climate without the
need for expensive housing.

We stumbled upon Ossabaw Island pigs, a
small hearty breed with outstanding red
marbled meat. I thought all pork was pretty
much the same until I had the chance to try
pasture raised meat from this breed. This
pork actually had flavor without smothering it
with a sauce, it wasn't dry, and the bacon
was better than the most expensive store
bought brands.
Big box grocers meet the basic demand for
pork by selling confinement raised pork.
Pork mass produced for profit only without
regard for taste, cookablility, or the
consumer in mind.

People should be able to choose to buy food
that is better tasting, and better for them. I
believe people want food that is better for
them, we just have to do a better job of
getting it to them. That is our goal.