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We have been very busy here at Burnin R Farms in 2013. We moved our entire
farm to a new location. We found land that was too irresistible to pass up. Which
set things in motion. What was just a thought at the time, as turned into a lot of
hard work.

Big thanks to our friends and family for their help and support. We couldn't have
done it without all of you!!

We have spent the last 3 months building fence, fence and more fence. I think
we can finely see the top of our to do list.

With the new property we will be expanding our hog operation. We have added
Duroc / Ossabaw crosses, and added more breeding sows to our mix. 2014
should be very exciting for our farm.
July 8, 2013
2002 CM Horse trailer for sale
4-horse slant- gooseneck
Living quarters
July 26, 2013
Summer has been flying by this year, a lot of long days make the time fly by I

We have been working hard at getting new pens set up. Plus have been selling
feeder pigs, and we also have a few to sell that would be a good size for the
smoker. We have had 2 litters in the last couple of weeks,and we are looking
for a few more litters next month.

I am waiting for Big red to have a litter, I am really anticipating a good cross with
the Duroc gilt.

The hogs we have been fattening are getting really close, it will soon be time to
schedule the processing dates. I will be in touch soon with the folks that have a
hog on reserve.