Pasture Raised Pork
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Pasture Based

Focus on quality

No added antibiotics

No added Hormones

High nutritional
Confinement Based

Focus on quantity

Antibiotic use is a standard

Growth hormones are a

Less nutritional value
Our pigs are raised on pasture and are farrowed without the use of crates. Our pigs
are given no vaccines, no added growth promoters/hormones, and no antibiotics.

Our pigs are fed an assortment of grasses and legumes supplemented by antibiotic
free grains and minerals. Our pigs have plenty of room to roam, forage, and root
which builds muscle naturally. Pork raised on pasture is higher in Omega-3,and is a
much healthier choice to feed your family.

We do not feed our pigs old bread, old donuts, or restaurant scraps. These foods
are unhealthy and contribute to poor quality pork.

Our pigs are treated humanely and are handled gently.
Pasture raised meat is becoming more popular because people are no longer
tolerating low quality commercially raised meat.

You can not compare commercially raised meat with pasture raised meat because
they are like lemons and limes. Pasture raised meat has more nutrients, better
texture, and actually has color and taste.

Our heritage breed, Ossabaw Island, has not been genetically bred for sickly lean
white meat. Our pasture raised meat will have fat marbling throughout the meat. This
marbling enhances the flavor and texture, and protects the meat from burning while
being cooked.

The fat percentage is higher in our heritage pork, but that is good thing! It  has more
vitamin E, beta-carotene, vitamin C, and a number of health-promoting fats, including
omega-3 fatty acids and “conjugated linoleic acid,” or CLA. High in oleic acid (the one
dominant in olives), Ossabaw fat is so unsaturated it is nearly liquid at room
Why Choose pasture raised meat over store
bought meat-

Pasture raised meat is higher quality with higher
nutritional value

Our pasture raised meat has no antibiotics or

Our heritage breed pasture raised meat has
better cookability

You know where it came from
If you buy local, your money stays local

This is not the other white meat!!
Do wonder why pork doesn't taste the way you remember it did at Grandma's

That is because Grandma didn't get her pork from a big box grocer!!

Grandma didn't have pork that was raised in a confinement, she had pasture raised
Ossabaw Island Pigs
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