Redesigned Farrowing Pens

Makeshift farrowing pens

Our sows were getting ready to farrow in March and a cold snap was about to hit. We threw together these farrowing pens in our barn. We used pallets to make the walls and to make the divider to the creep area. This set up worked very well, but they were not as sturdy as what we were shooting for. Our sows tore through the creep divider with ease and they had to be reinforced and straightened up daily. The new piglets also found the weakness in having pallets, they crawled through the fork spaces and wandered around.

The creep area worked very well to keep the babies safe. Adding a heat lamp made it a perfect nursery area. When Momma called they all piled out and started eating.

new farrowing pen1

We have upgraded the creep divider to a hog panel. We turned it upside down and enlarged 2 holes so the piglets can easily get in. The heat lamp and the babies are protected from the sow. We also went from 3 pens down to 2, added an ally between them for better access.

We have 1 Hampshire sow in the new setup. So far she has not revealed any flaws. Hopefully we have babies soon, I am getting excited to see how the new divider works, and how well it will hold up.

I will give an update when we give our final evaluation on the design.