Baby Chicks Hatched!!

New Baby Chicks
Baby Chicks Hatching
Chicks Climbing out of shell
Two Chicks Almost Out of Shell
Hatched Chicks
Chicks Hatched and Drying Off















We had some success hatching some baby chickens. We set 25 eggs and 14 hatched. I was hoping our hatch percentage would have been higher, but I have a few things to change to increase our rate.

We grabbed 25 eggs over 2 days and set them in the incubator as a maiden trial. We hatched some Speckled Sussex, some Rhode Island Reds, and some Black Sex link. basically a barn yard mix.

I isolated 3 Barred rock hens and a Barred Rock rooster with hopes to hatch some purebred babies. Now that our incubator is empty I am starting to save back some eggs to set.

We are going to set the Barred Rock eggs this weekend. Now that I have hatched my first eggs, I will write a post about our process and equipment that we use.