Mulberry trees are stacked this year


Mom's Mulberry Pie
Mom’s Mulberry Pie


Our farm has 3 Mulberry trees that are producing tons of berries this year. I love Mulberries, they have a smooth sweet berry taste. It is a great fruit tree in that the fruit on the tree ripens in stages so you can enjoy the berries for weeks.

We have been treated with 2 pies this year by Mom. We would love to pick enough to make some jelly as well.

Unfortunately Mulberry fruit is a very delicate berry. The berries do not freeze well, nor do they take well to storage of any kind. They are pretty much a pick and eat berry, occasionally lasting just long enough to get put into a pie.







New Duroc cross litter

Baby Duroc / Blue Butt pigs
New Duroc Cross Babies

We had some new litters on the farm. Our Blue Butt sow, Rufuss, had some great looking little babies.

It was our second litter to be born on pasture this year. All went well and the babies are up and running around.

My concerns with pasture farrowing:

-I can not put a heat light up.

РThe babies are more susceptible  to getting laid on and smothered.

– I have had some babies wander off and succumb to the elements.

Ossabaw Island pigs seem to be more adapted to pasture farrowing. I rarely have a piglet not make it to weaning from my Ossabaw litters.

I wonder if we bred too much mobility out of the more domesticated breeds. I find that they my Duroc, Blue Butt, and Hampshires are less agile around their new litters, and I feel I need to take more precautions when they start to farrow.