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Ossabaw Island hogs are sized perfectly for
your freezer. An average butcher weight for an
Ossabaw will be less than 200 lbs. At that
size, it would give you approximately 100 lbs.
of meat verses 200+ lbs. of meat from a hog
processed at 300lbs. You will get all of the
traditional cuts from a half or whole hog at a
more budget friendly price.
There are several advantages to being
able to buy a hog that has matured at a
smaller size.

The meat to fat ratio is that of an adult,
but you have to deal with less meat to try
to cram into your freezer.

With their compact body frame, you will
get more premium cuts in proportion to
ground meat.

The meat in your freezer will be rotated
quicker for a lower chance of waste.
Cuts of Pork Diagram
Freezer Pork