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Ossabaw Island pigs are a heritage breed that
has not been genetically manipulated to compete
in the market. They have retained their natural
instincts such as mothering, foraging, and
surviving. They are doing great on our farm here in
Southern Missouri, but would also do well in colder
There are several benefits to choosing
Ossabaw Island Pigs for your farm.

They are a very hardy breed, and tolerant
of the cold.

You can stock more animals per acre on
pasture due to
their smaller size.                     

They are easy to train to respect an electric

They do not require as big of shelter in the

Their popularity by gourmet chefs is on the
Ossabaw Island Piglets in a trailer
I have had other pigs on my farm, but these little
guys are the best. I have raised mine with 3
strands of hotwire. I use 3 wires, but I believe they
would be fine with a single wire. My Ossabaw
Island pigs share   pasture space with horses and
cows, so the 3 wires are more of a   deterrent for
Why Ossabaw Island Pigs