Burnin R Acres
                       Contract to Purchase Livestock

Reservations are filled in the order in which they are received. Please contact Burnin R Acres via email at
brett@burninr.com prior to sending a deposit, to determine purchase price and availability.

Veterinary health papers are required to transport pigs across State lines. Most states require health papers
only, though some require specific blood or fecal tests. Our veterinarian handles all health papers and contacts
the receiving state for any permits or required tests. Burnin R makes all arrangements for veterinary
inspections. For health papers only, the cost is actual cost billed. Any additional blood tests will be charged at
the same rate that our veterinarian bills us. All veterinary costs are the sole responsibility of the purchaser.
Pigs leave our farm healthy and sound. Burnin R Acres is not liable for any injury sustained by a pig during  
transport. Once the pig is released to the purchaser or the carrier,  Burnin R Acres is not liable for any injury,
illness, death or veterinarian fees due to improper handling, feeding, medication, misc. ailments, etc; as we
cannot guarantee proper care of the pig after purchase.

It is the purchaser’s responsibility to gain the knowledge necessary to properly care for the pigs. Burnin R Acres
will answer any questions to the best of our knowledge regarding the care of pigs prior to purchase.
Please see our Shipping and Transport page for info on transporting your pigs.
All transportation charges are the sole responsibility of the purchaser.

Complete payment for the pigs and veterinarian charges must be received prior to any pigs leaving the farm.
If purchaser decides not to complete this transaction, purchaser will forfeit any deposit. Purchaser has the
opportunity to visit seller to visually inspect said pigs or is accepting pigs “as is” if shipping via carrier.
In the event that the reserved pig is not available due to illness or death, purchaser’s deposit will be refunded,
or another pig will be made available. Please retain a copy of this Purchase Agreement for your records.

I________________________________________ agree to purchase the following Ossabasw Island Pigs from:
Burnin R Acres

Ossabaw Pigs # ___________Gilts # ___________ Sows ____________ Barrows

Ossabaw breeding pairs # ___________Trios ( 1 boar, 2 gilts) # ___________

Price for Pigs (call for current pricing)

Health Papers $ Actual cost

Any Additional Vet Requirements $ ___________

Crates @$75 each $ __________

Transport (ground) $ __________

Total Amount Due $ __________

Purchaser Signature_________________________________________
City:_______________________ State:___________ Zip:___________

     Remit payment to:
     Burnin R Acres
     24074 State Highway 76
     Cassville, MO 65625

** We also accept paypal for any transactions. Please email us for an invoice before remitting payment.
Live Animal Purchase Contract
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We are selling off farm as butcher pigs only at this time.

We will have a few feeder pigs available, but they will be sold locally