Why Purchase Pasture Raised Meat From Us
I wasn't raised on a farm, most people haven't been. But I have always known that
meat from the farm was better than what you could get from the store. As I get
older, it is increasingly more important for me to know where the food comes from
that my family eats. So I chose to start raising my own.

I chose to raise Ossabaw Island Pigs because, to me, they represent the pigs that
our grandparents would have raised on their farm. I wanted a hardy pig that would
not need to be medicated, I wanted a great tasting pig, and I wanted a pig that
wasn't bred genetically to compete on the markets.

And as for beef, we have a small herd of Black Angus started.

I realize that it is not practical for everyone to raise their own meat. But I still
believe that there is a lot of people that are concerned about what they eat. That
is why I believe that you should purchase meat from our farm.
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At Burnin R Farms, our goal is to make available great tasting, healthy,  
pasture raised meat.

Today's society is geared towards a profits first mentality. The meat we
get offered in the store is raised with a profit motive. The large scale
farms push the feed that will get their animal to market first. They
genetically breed their animals for growth rate, birth rate, and size to
maximize profits. These practices are not healthy for the animal and they
do not produce healthy meat.
Big box grocers are supplied by large confinement farms, which specialize in
unnaturally lean, sickly pigs. They crowd pigs together in tight spaces and
shovel antibiotic feeds formulated for quick growth to stressed out pigs. This
is not the meat I would want to eat, but they have programmed society for
years to accept it. If you don't believe me, research it for yourself!! Also
research the history of CRISCO which had direct effects on the pork

The next time you fry bacon from the big box grocer, smell it, you can
actually smell the confinement that they were raised in.

Of the 60 million pigs in the United States, over 95 percent are continuously
confined in metal buildings, including the almost five million sows in crates. In
such setups, feed is automatically delivered to animals who are forced to
urinate and defecate where they eat and sleep. Their waste festers in large
pits a few feet below their hooves. Intense ammonia and hydrogen sulfide
fumes from these pits fill pigs’ lungs and sensitive nostrils. No straw is
provided to the animals because that would gum up the works (as it would if
you tossed straw into your toilet).
The stress, crowding and contamination inside confinement buildings foster
disease, especially respiratory illnesses. In addition to toxic fumes, bacteria,
yeast and molds have been recorded in swine buildings at a level more than
1,000 times higher than in normal air. To prevent disease outbreaks (and to
stimulate faster growth), the hog industry adds more than 10 million pounds
of antibiotics to its feed, the Union of Concerned Scientists estimates. This
mountain of drugs — a staggering three times more than all antibiotics used
to treat human illnesses — is a grim yardstick of the wretchedness of these

Source: http://www.nytimes.com/2007/03/14/opinion/14niman.html

Again, our goal is to make available great tasting, healthy,  pasture raised
meat. We don't have to feed antibiotics because our animals are raised in a
healthy environment. On pasture our animals get a wide variety of
vegetation including  different grasses and legumes. They are able to roam
freely and develop muscle naturally through exercise.

Our breeds are selected for taste and will not mature as fast as the
confinement breeds, but that is not our goal. Our animals will have a much
higher quantity of Omega-3 based fats because of their diets while on

We will also guarantee that we will be able to take you to the very pasture in
which your meat was raised. Can your big box grocer do that?
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We raise every animal to the same
standards we would for our family.

We can show you the very pasture where
each cut of meat was raised.

We have no gimmicks, just great, healthy
Ossabaw Island Pigs
Cassville, MO
Burnin R Farms