Getting hot for the chickens


Hen house
Hen house



We have had a great spring with these hens laying eggs. But  our temperatures this week have been in the 90’s and they have dropped off on production.

We have not finished the complete coop yet. The part we have them in is a little too small for them, I have a lot of venting but i think it is a little too close for comfort. I believe when we get rest of it finished the increased room will take some stress off and they will continue to lay better even on hotter days.

What is your favorite breed of chicken?











My favorite farm cat

Bobbi the farm cat
My favorite farm cat, Bobbi


This is the old lady of the farm. We brought Bobbi from our farm in Iowa when we moved to southern Missouri in 2008.

She is rather loving, and has a great personality. She always answers when you say her name.


More great news I found about Chinese food Imports

China’s dangerous culture of chemical adulteration and
counterfeit food products came into focus for American consumers in 2007, when China exported pet food ingredients
tainted with the industrial chemical melamine.
A byproduct of coal processing that is used frequently in
plastics, melamine has attracted the interest of unscrupulous
Chinese food processors and animal producers because of
its high nitrogen content and low price. The high nitrogen
of melamine-contaminated food, like milk, artificially raises
measurements of protein content in common laboratory
tests, leading to higher prices in the market.
But the use of melamine has meant that consumers — and their pets — get nutritionally inferior food laced with a deadly chemical.
In 2007, the FDA received reports of 17,000 pet illnesses,
including 4,000 dog and cat deaths, believed to be the result
of melamine contamination in the imported Chinese gluten
ingredients used to make pet food.
Sixty million packages of pet food were recalled in the United States, the largest in history. Some of the melamine-contaminated pet food
was redirected to hog farms; thousands of hogs that ate the
contaminated food were put to death in an effort to keep
melamine-contaminated meat from entering the food supply.
But the FDA and USDA still allowed 56,000 hogs that
ate melamine-tainted pet food to be processed into pork,
which was then sold at supermarkets.
What do you think the Chinese feed their livestock?
How did the FDA and USDA figure that this pork was safe?
More Greed based decisions by our government!
Just think, Congress has been making steps to hide the origin of imported foods. They are voting to end the country of origin labeling on meat and poultry sold in the US.  Read more here.
The more I read the more I am disgusted with our government and why they let this crap into our country. Our government needs to do more to protect us.
But until they do, start protecting yourself. Do your research and locate some local farms and start buying locally. Farm to Table is the best way.


Just Curious

Where would you rather buy meat?

Horse Trailer retro fit for pigs

Retro-fitted stock trailer to work great for pigs.

We purchased a small horse trailer this week. We needed a trailer to move cows, horses, and pigs. the only problem is that most trailers work great for cows and horses, but lousy for pigs. With a solid swinging back door the pigs would just run back out as soon as we tried to close the door.

Solution- We had a stock rack setup for our car trailer that we were using to move pigs. the back of the stock rack had a smaller hinged door. We took the back of the stock rack and tied it into the trailer to give is a double door. We also took the front section of the stock rack and made a partition to section off the trailer into two pens.

This retro-fit worked great to take our Ossabaw Island pigs to get health papers. We now have to resize the panels to fit the horse trailer width since the car trailer was wider. I am also going to make an attachment so we can install and remove with little effort.

I would rather find a trailer on the cheap and retro-fit it to meet our needs, than to spend a ton of money on a trailer that might meet most of our needs. I always say function over fashion. Just because it looks good, doesn’t mean it is going to work.


Mulberry trees are stacked this year


Mom's Mulberry Pie
Mom’s Mulberry Pie


Our farm has 3 Mulberry trees that are producing tons of berries this year. I love Mulberries, they have a smooth sweet berry taste. It is a great fruit tree in that the fruit on the tree ripens in stages so you can enjoy the berries for weeks.

We have been treated with 2 pies this year by Mom. We would love to pick enough to make some jelly as well.

Unfortunately Mulberry fruit is a very delicate berry. The berries do not freeze well, nor do they take well to storage of any kind. They are pretty much a pick and eat berry, occasionally lasting just long enough to get put into a pie.






New Duroc cross litter

Baby Duroc / Blue Butt pigs
New Duroc Cross Babies

We had some new litters on the farm. Our Blue Butt sow, Rufuss, had some great looking little babies.

It was our second litter to be born on pasture this year. All went well and the babies are up and running around.

My concerns with pasture farrowing:

-I can not put a heat light up.

– The babies are more susceptible  to getting laid on and smothered.

– I have had some babies wander off and succumb to the elements.

Ossabaw Island pigs seem to be more adapted to pasture farrowing. I rarely have a piglet not make it to weaning from my Ossabaw litters.

I wonder if we bred too much mobility out of the more domesticated breeds. I find that they my Duroc, Blue Butt, and Hampshires are less agile around their new litters, and I feel I need to take more precautions when they start to farrow.