Striped Kitty- Hopefully just visiting

Lil Skunk in the yard
Striped Kitty
Striped Kitty
Striped Kitty- Lil skunk visiting

We were out doing chores the other day and I noticed a fluffy tuft of Black and White hair poking out of the grass. I quickly got the dogs into the barn. It does however explain the odor coming from our blind and deaf farm dog.

I took a few photos as I tried to scurry him along.




Rain, Rain, Rain, Rain

We have had 10″ of rain her in the last 2.5 days. We have also had trouble getting to town because of flooded roads. We have  had 3 waves of storms come through and dowse our farm and the surrounding area.

Our pig pens are water logged. We have some huts that have filled up inside from rain blowing in. Our clay based soil soaks up and turns into deep mud. There are places that look completely dry until you step down and your foot sinks down 8″. I have had to move some little pigs around because their legs were to short for the deep mud.

Today it has cleared up and is in the upper 80 degree range. even with so much water and mud, in the next 2 days we will have dry pens. The next 2 days are suppose to be in the 90 degree range which will dry the dark soil out quickly.


Flogged by a Rooster

Rhode Island Red in pig pen
Rhode Island Red rooster and his gilts

We have a rooster that lives in one of our pig pens with some grow-out gilts. The rooster eats with the pigs, hangs out all day and roosts on the bars of the pen at  night. He is first to the feed trough in the morning so I usually scatter a little grain for him to peck at while I feed the pigs.

Last night I was feeding the pigs and not paying attention. Not paying enough attention to the rooster, I guess. All of a sudden he was attacking my leg, jumping at me and flogging me with his wings and trying to spur me with his feet.  He attacked me twice before I realized what was going on. What a crazy feeling. Who knew a light weight little bird could hit with that force. Good thing it was not an Ostrich, I would still be laying there.

It turns out that this chicken is trying to protect his pen mates. Every time I reached down to pet one of the pigs the chicken started towards me. If I stopped petting the pig he would stop, If I continued to pet the pig he would try to flog me. I really don’t know if this is a good thing or not. How many times would a pig really need to be protected by a rooster? What could a rooster protect a pig from that the pig couldn’t protect itself from?