Fattening up the hogs!

Fat Hogs
Ossabaw Island and Duroc cross fat hogs

We are fattening up some more hogs. We have some very nice looking Ossabaw Island Hogs. If you have never tried Ossabaw Island Pork, I suggest you do if you ever get the chance.

Almost all of our Ossabaw Island pork has sold itself. We get orders by customers that were given a sample from a friend, or had been given testimony of their great meat. Although still very rare, they can be found throughout the U.S. It is harder to get started raising Ossabaw Island Hogs for profit because they take longer to grow and have smaller litters. But, if you can stick it out, it is well worth the effort in the long run.






Congress Let US Consumers Down Again!

Congress officially repealed the country of origin law for labeling of meat. This means that they can push meat from countries with less strict laws on raising and processing animals.

Here is one link to an article.



Look for an update for our spring schedule. We will be attending some Farmers Markets and we will list them on our schedule. We will have Ossabaw Island Pork, Pastured Chicken and Eggs. At least you know our meat comes from right here in Southwest Missouri.