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Lost a Farm Truck- But Could Have Been Worse

Last Thursday on my way to my day job, I was rear ended on the highway. The morning traffic was moving fast as usual, and was fairly heavy with everyone trying to get to work on time. I was stopped behind a vehicle waiting to make a left-hand turn. There were a few cars and trucks ahead of me and two behind. I saw in the rear view mirror a truck with a trailer coming in fast and not slowing down. The rest happened fast and is a blur.

The truck hit the two cars behind me throwing one of them into the back of my truck. I had enough time slam mine  into park so I did not roll into vehicles in front of me, but my truck took a hard hit. When the parts stopped flying, there were 4 vehicles totaled. Although no one was seriously hurt, the aftermath will be felt hard on our farm.

My Farm Truck After Being Hit
My Farm Truck After Being Hit






MyMy Farm Truck After Being Hit- Profile
My Farm Truck After Being Hit- Profile

Because of the accident we are now having to deal with insurance, being short a vehicle, scheduling how to pick up our feed for the farm, locating a replacement truck, and wondering if we will be able to afford a decent replacement. We have always kept full coverage on every vehicle, it is expensive but a necessary evil. Without full coverage we would have to fight an unknown insurance company and try to not get taken advantage of. Being involved in an accident never betters your situation.

A farm is in perpetual motion, it does not slow down or adjust itself for your hardship. You have to make quick adjustments and hope it goes smooth. Luckily the trunk of my little daily driver is able to handle a few bags of grain, and we are not needing to purchase straw or shavings for bedding until the weekend.

We are still negotiating with the insurance about the value of our truck. I am not looking to gain from this because accidents are a part of life, but I do not want to be left with uncovered expenses. I was taken to the hospital to be checked out, and we will have to get those charges covered as well. Our insurance office has been great, and got things going right away. I am sure this will take several months to work everything out.

We always say, things could have been worse. That definitely applies with this as well. No lasting injuries and only material things affected make this situation a hiccup in life. The farm has taught us to  adapt and persevere, keep moving and get things done.