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Ossabaw Island Babies are Here!!

Our Ossabaw Island pigs are having some very nice looking babies this year. we have had some very nice colored litters. All the babies are healthy and plumping up well. They have started to eat with momma, and are running around all crazy at any noise they hear.

#12 Litter2016




Ossabaw Island Babies Starting to Explore

Ossabaw Island Piglets with Momma

Ossabaw Island Babies with Momma

Our spring babies are almost all spoken for this year. I may need to set up another breeding just for me so I can hold some back. I am toying with not selling any as breeding stock next year. We are moving in different directions with the farm, and I am not sure the added time required to sell as breeding stock will be available next year.  The last few years we have tried to sell as many pure bred babies as we could at weaning time.  Time will tell I guess.