Welcome to Burnin R Farms

We are growing, adapting, and making changes to our farm continually in order to gain success as a small farm. We will use this blog to share the new ideas that we are incorporating, the old systems that are no longer working, and our successes and failures.

Our goal is to move away from the 9-5 as an accountant and nurse  and be able to sustain our lifestyle from our farm. We started 6 years ago with only horses as a hobby, now we also have a growing hog farm and a start in the cattle industry.

5 years ago we purchased Ossabaw Island Pigs.  A heritage breed with excellent meat qualities. We sell fattened hogs, Feeder pigs, and breeding stock.

Here and there we added a Duroc Sow, and some Hampshire, and Cargill gilts. We have recently added a Hampshire boar so we can offer more popular breeds as feeder pigs.

We are starting to raise chickens for meat and eggs. And our long term goal is to start increasing our herd of cattle.

Brett And Trisha Rapien

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